The DJ and producer - B-Stylezz stands out with his exceptional style to produce each of his remixes or songs in 2 different versions. For example, he produced a dance house version of the ballad Thank You and a hard dance version at the same time! This exceptional style is called B-Stylezz ( Be-Style)

B-Stylezz has been a fixture in the scene for over a decade. Hard, punchy, impulsive, melodic - a unique presence on the stage that draws the audience along. Hardstyle, Deep House, EDM and Techno are the beats he stands for and lives for. Even with greats like DJ Isaac, Re-Style he was already on stage. After his gigs in the Tunnel Club Hamburg,Atrium Insane strictly Hard, Que Danceclub, Seeterrassen Hamburg and at the White House Party, the successful opening of his own club "Basement" in Plön followed in early 2018, which is already well known far beyond the borders.

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